We have an unusual setup as a church, as we are blessed to have a full-time minister, Mark Hubbard, as well as a strong link with South Bank Baptist Church with their minister Jon Edwards also playing a leading role in church life.

In addition to this we have a paid youth worker and administrator, and a dedicated leadership team who meet regularly to pray and discern God’s leading.

Simon Blake

Simon is a member of the Leadership Team, a secretary to the church and is also responsible for writing the daily bible study notes.

Will Gardner

Will is a member of the leadership team, mainly involved in leading worship at ECBC.

Andrew Smith

Andrew is a member of the leadership team and has been involved at the church since moving to the area in 2007. He is married to Natalie and has two young daughters. Andrew heads up our ‘Who Let the Dads Out?’ group for pre-school children and their Dads, Grandads and male carers.