Who Let the Dads Out ?

Our Who Let the Dads Out group meets from 10-11.30am on the first Saturday of every month at church.

The idea of this groups is to create a space where Dads, Grandads and male carers and their pre-children (ages 0-5) can meet to have fun together.

This is a very informal group, with lots of toys for the children to play with, and a hot drink and bacon butty given to the Dads. We try to create a relaxed atmosphere – especially for first timers – but this also gives an opportunity to chat to the other Dads or to read the paper while the children are playing. This also gives the Mums a break too!

Who Let the Dads Out? is a growing movement that churches are using to reach out to dads, father figures and their children and demonstrates God’s love in the local community. At the moment there are around 250 of these groups that meet all over the UK.For more information, please contact Andrew Smith (07929734846) or Mark Hubbard (07422972753) or see https://www.wholetthedadsout.org.uk/

Who let the Dads out group photo

Who let the Dads out group photo 2