Safeguarding in East Cleveland Baptist Church

East Cleveland Baptist Church recognises its responsibilities in safeguarding all children, young people and adults at risk, regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability. Safeguarding is the protection of adults and children from harm, abuse or neglect.

We all have the same rights and expectations to independence, respect, choice, fulfilment of our ambitions, to be heard, included, and to have privacy and confidentiality. These expectations are central to the way in which we interact with each other in our life together.

We acknowledge that it is the responsibility of each of us to prevent neglect and abuse of children, young people and adults and to report any neglect or abuse discovered or suspected.

There are clear policy and procedures in place informed by the most recent guidelines from the Government and the Baptist Union of Great Britain, that enable all to perform their duties within the church in a responsible and safe manner:-

ECBC Safeguarding Policy Statement 

ECBC Safeguarding Procedures

Safeguarding Team

Jan Turner is the Designated Person for Safeguarding (DPS) and is available to advise any member or leader of the church on safeguarding

Abi Hedges is the Deputy Designated Person for Safeguarding (DDPS)

Richard Turner is the Safeguarding Leader and responsible for ensuring our Safeguarding Policy & Procedures are implemented

Key Resources

Key documents required for Safeguarding are given as Appendices in the ECBC Safeguarding Procedure above but some of the more regularly used are given below:-

Parental Consent Form

Safeguarding Incident Form

ECBC Risk Assessment Proforma

In addition to our procedures, more information and resources on Safeguarding are available through the Baptist Union of Great Britain