Pastor’s Paragraph

I had a bit of a shock earlier this month.

Life has been pretty hectic and full-on for the last few months and I am in real need of a week off, so I started to look through my diary to try and find a week that was clear, a week that wasn’t already full, a week that didn’t already have a number of things in that I had to do or was already committed to.

And I just couldn’t find one!! Week after week after week full of things that I needed to do or meetings that I needed to be part of or commitments that I had already made. Some of these things absolutely could not be changed or moved; others could, but it would have meant causing a lot of upheaval or difficulty to other people. I was looking at a diary that was telling me that it would not be possible for me to take a week off for another couple of months.

Then every day for about a week, all my bible readings seemed to include Jesus saying to His disciples, ‘Come away with me to a quiet place, let’s rest awhile’. I got the hint!!

Life can get incredibly busy, can’t it? Almost without noticing, life becomes very full. Sometimes as Christians we can find it very hard to say ‘no’ – we want to serve God, we want to do everything we can for Jesus, we want this church to grow, we want to help and serve and bless other people in the Name of Jesus, so life can get very busy. But Jesus does not ask us to work ourselves to the point of exhaustion, Jesus does not ask us to say ‘yes’ to every little thing, Jesus does not ask us to burn ourselves out. Jesus knows that we need to take time out, which is why He says to His disciples, to us, ‘Come away with me to a quiet place, let’s rest awhile.’

Is this something that He is saying to you?

Blessings, Jon