A word from John Singleton

Some of you will have watched the recent BBC drama ‘Broken’ where Sean Bean played an unconventional Catholic priest, Father Michael Kerrigan. If you did watch the series, you could not fail to observe how many times Mass was celebrated in the different episodes. I am not very up to speed on Catholic services but I think that Mass is celebrated every day, emphasizing the importance that Catholics place upon this ordinance.

Whilst Baptists, as nonconformists, do not have the same theological beliefs as Catholics, Communion or the Lord’s Supper is one of the two ordinances that has a rightful high   regard amongst us. The themes for this Sunday and next Sunday focus on those foundations of our faith, The Lord’s Supper and Believer’s Baptism, both of which Jesus instructed us to observe and continue.

It will be good to remind ourselves of what we believe about the Lord’s Supper and Believer’s Baptism, what we do not believe about them, and to examine how they challenge each one of us. Above all else they both speak of God’s great love for each one of us and His desire to have an ongoing personal relationship with us.

My prayer is that as we consider afresh these two important ordinances, each one of us will be drawn closer to Jesus, the One who gave Himself for us, and either make an initial commitment to Him as Lord and Saviour of our lives, ask for baptism or recommit ourselves wholeheartedly to His service.

Blessings   John Singleton