A word from Mark Hubbard

“He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.” There is no reason for anything       (or anyone) to hold us back. No person on earth can keep us captive because we have been released from bondage. This morning we’re talking about forgiveness, the type you give and the type you receive. The thing about forgiveness that strikes me most is its power to see us set free from the reaches of the past! When we receive forgiveness we’re washed of the power of the guilt and the shame that is over us; likewise when we forgive others we are doing that same act for them.

“Forget the former things,” the Lord told Isaiah. “Do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!” That “new thing” is you!  Forgiveness has such power, releasing us from the things of the past and enabling us to live in the present. You and I are made for today, not yesterday. Our future depends on the present, and nothing is more important than what we do right now. This moment is the perfect time to start moving forward again and stop letting guilt stop us. It’s the perfect moment to release others from the burden of guilt others may feel as they wait for our forgiveness!

Spend some time today with the Lord asking Him to speak to you about forgiveness. Let Him guide your steps towards forgiveness which is the way of the cross.