Pastoral Care

We are all blessed by the fantastic pastoral care that is already being done within our church, and as a family we are caring for each other and supporting one another very well.

One good way to look out for each other is to belong to a small group and we encourage everyone to be involved in this way. There are lots of different groups meeting within the life of the church, including Bible study groups, fellowship groups, the worship group and men’s and ladies groups.  Being involved in a group offers biblical teaching, encouragement, discipleship, friendships and a deeper relationship with God.

We might think of a Pastor as someone who shepherds a flock, but scripture teaches us firstly that Jesus is our Shepherd and secondly that pastoral care is our collective responsibility.  Now that we are in an interregnum, it is important that we are all looking out for the pastoral care of each other.  Is there someone you could get alongside to encourage in their walk with God?

If you are interested in joining a group or if you have pastoral concerns about anyone within our church family please speak to us or one of the Leadership Team.

God bless

Andrew and Natalie