We’re well into summer and I was reflecting how often church seems to ‘slow down’ at this time with fewer activities and smaller congregations with many people away at different times. By contrast out upcoming Leadership Team meeting seems to be busier than ever, taking stock of the recent changes and considering the futher requirments in the next few weeks as well as starting to work with our new Moderator, Jon Edwards. There seems to be no let up in the practical needs going forward but maintainging balance with our spiritual needs remains the priority.

The idea of seasons for action and our walk with God is an image used much in the bible from Ecclesiastes to the New Testament and we have used it to describe the time we are going through in this interregnum. But these seasons are not simple and I was reminded of the church in Acts which, after the conversion of Paul, strengthened and grew, but for Paul it was a quieter season as he deepened his relationship with his new found Saviour.

So, I don’t know which is your personal season at present, whether it’s quiet or active, whether you are enjoying God’s refreshing or calling on him to carry you. Whatever it is let’s continue to hold our church in our thoughts and prayers and actions. Let’s chat to each other and share the things God tells us. Let us embrace our seasons and be strengthened through them by God’s grace.