Posts from April 2016

A Word from Ruth Fox

The past few weeks have been somewhat traumatic and stressful for many people either as individuals, groups of people or indeed as a Church for one reason or another. I’m just home from the funeral of Lynne Freeman and am feeling rather poignant – so forgive me if this seems like a sad ‘leaders paragraph’. […]

A Word from Andrew Smith

We have begun to plan and prepare for the arrival of the 2016 Texan team from Woodway, who will be with us from 11th to 19th June. In the past, these visits have been a time of real encouragement, with enthusiastic young people, full of energy, and full of love for God coming to work […]

A word from Richard Turner

How sad to hear the news of the bombing in Pakistan which deliberately targeted Christians as they celebrated, along with all of us, the good news of Easter. And yet it reflected our own weekend which contrasted the great celebrations of Thursday through to Sunday with the shocking loss of Lynne Freeman from us. I […]